Church Advancement

In Matthew 16 Jesus said that he would build his Church and nothing can standing against it advancing against the darkness. Because of His words, we offer many ministries in partnership with local churches to advance and grow the local church. Below you will see many of our ministries that we offer year round in order to support the local church to help achieve the goals that each one has set.


Women's Ministry

In 2015, God gave Melissa Weber a vision to reach the women of Nicaragua. Many doors have opened since that date and there are opportunities within the local prison system and in partnership with local churches offering both large and small women's conferences and bible studies. Serving in the local prison offers teams the opportunity to minister to women through bible study, providing a meal, and distributing approved gifts of hygiene items and other needed things they do not receive while incarcerated. The cost to minister a day within the prison is approximately $100. The other growing area of women's ministry is conferences with local churches. Through the help of staff, drama and dance teams, and worship bands we coordinate themed conferences from beginning to end. These conferences range from 30 to 300 women and begin around $200 and up depending on what you would like to do. Any team wishing to support, participate, or facilitate a conference should contact us for more information. 


Leadership and Theological Training

As the church goes, so goes the society. We believe the church and its pastor is the backbone of the community and of leading change throughout the country. We offer learning opportunities to local pastors and lay church leaders that they could not get anywhere else through in depth bible teaching and teaching leadership to churches, businesses, and other groups. For a pastor to receive greater biblical knowledge or new leadership skills to lead his church, this helps increase each congregation's knowledge of the word and Love of the Lord. In Nicaragua the opportunities for advanced theological training is very limited and can be limiting due to financial resources. Drew offers training to each of the churches to help them accomplish the personal and church-wide goals that each pastor has. John Maxwell states that everything rises and falls on leadership, and through knowledge and education each church can have a pastor leader taking them further into the Word and causing them to be more influential within their communites. 


Sustainability Projects

The reality is that some mission efforts end up having a negative effect through creating dependency on a system and stealing a person's dignity. We offer sustainability projects to local churches through teaching women to sew, offering bazaar's, and other opportunities that help teach trades and allows individuals to gain a skill or trade and in turn use that to benefit their own families. Rather than giving a physical gift away we are giving knowledge away so that other may have the diginity to be able to provide for themselves.


Medical Teams

Medical care in Nicaragua is limited and medicine is even more costly. Through local churches and community clinics we provide medical teams and nursing students the opportunity to minister in impoverished areas to provide the basic medical care that is needed before a small problem becomes something bigger. Medical education, women's health, therapy services, along with medical care is a big need within rural communities throughout all of Nicaragua.



God didn't call us to join the team through salvation and then quit. He is calling us much deeper, to have a relationship with Jesus Christ and to grow into His likeness. This comes through relationally mentoring and spending time with believers and not just a bible study. Through ministering alongside and teaching other believers, the process of discipleship begins in a person's life and continues as he begins to disciple another group of believers in his or her life. We offer opportunities to connect with individuals and groups looking for a deeper, more impactful walk with our saviour.