Oasis of Hope School

For the Lord gives wisdom and out of His mouth knowledge and understanding

Beginning a school was truthfully never a part of our vision, but God always seems to have other plans. In the fall of 2013 we were approached by some local pastors who had a christian school that lost their funding. Seven teachers were going to lose their jobs and almost 100 children were no longer going to receive a christian education and most likely no education at all. After much prayer we felt God calling us to help.

We had experienced the hopelessness of the people first hand and had seen even with an education there are few opportunities. With the ability to speak English the chance of finding a well paying job is dramatically increased. It is our vision to someday have every graduating student speaking both English and their native tongue of Spanish. Although our school is currently only a primary school our vision is to add a high school in the near future.  

Oasis of Hope School

  • Located in Salinas Grandes, Nicaragua
  • Staff includes 7 teachers and 1 dedicated English teacher
  • Three levels of Pre-K and Grades 1-6
  • Building has 5 classrooms
  • Many Improvements to the school have been made

The cost to sponsor a child is currently $400 per year which includes two rounds of uniforms, shoes, school supplies, and a backpack. The sponsorship also helps pay all teachers salaries as well as other various operating expenses. 



Some of our students standing in front of Oasis of Hope School in Salinas Grandes