"The way to store up treasure in heaven is to invest in people getting there"


What began as a vision for a local pastor, has now burst into our primary ministry reaching thousands of families with the Gospel of Christ. The Food Box ministry not only feeds a physical hunger but most importantly feeds a spiritual hunger. Through partnerships with local churches we strategically help them reach people in their own communities. Local church members prayerfully choose families in their communities and schedule a future visit with a small mission group. This local church member, along with 4 mission team members, and a Straight Street translator will return to the home and spend over an hour with the family. During the visit the team will get to know the family, share a clear presentation of the gospel, answer any questions the family may have about salvation, and pray for the families needs and any decision they may have made. At the end of the visit the family is invited to visit the local church, given a bible in their language, and blessed with a food provision book that will feed the family for about a week. This type of evangelism teaches both the local church and team members how to more effectively share the gospel. After the mission team leaves the local church will do follow up visits and begin the process of discipleship with the family. 

Since 2014, mission teams have visited 2,627 individual families and have seen 4,686 individuals make a first time decision to follow Christ. Also many follow up visits have been taken by mission teams to continue the process of discipleship in the new believers and to pray for strength and encouragement to continue on in their faith.

This video made by Lake Sliger captures the essence of a trip to Nicaragua and the opportunity to share the compelling message of Jesus Christ.