Here in the United States, I feel like it is easy for Christians to take the gospel for granted. We have heard it so many times that we assume everyone knows it. During my time in Nicaragua, the first thing I noticed about the people was how hungry they are, not just for physical food, but for spiritual nourishment. They had heard about God. They had heard about Jesus, but grace? That was a different story. They were hungry for God’s grace, and when they heard about it they were broken. So many people were saved once they discovered not only that Jesus dies, but that Jesus died for them.As a result, Nicaragua makes home look different for me.
— Jessica B, Tennessee

If you are thinking about serving, I would strongly suggest that you go to Nicaragua. There is so much to do and so many ways to serve. My favorite part is being able to share God’s love through evangelism and feeding programs. I leave a piece of my heart every time I come home. I am always excited to go back because I have made life long friends with the people I serve.
— Dawn, Tennessee

In 2009 I made my first trip to Nicaragua on a mission trip that included my two oldest children. It impacted me so much that the next year I returned with my wife and youngest daughter so they too could experience it as well. We found the people of Nicaragua to be friendly, hospitable and loving. They also are hungry for the truth of God’s Word and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Most of them saying that they’ve never heard this word from scripture before. Being able to go on mission, spend time with the people there sharing the love of Jesus has radically changed me and my family. There are so many experiences that have impacted my life while ministering there but the highlight would be preaching man to man to the men at the prison. Thank God for Straight Street Missions and the opportunity they provide to share the love of Jesus in Nicaragua.
— Randy, Tennessee

Nicaragua is my favorite place on earth. It is actually the first place that I truly felt God’s calling on my life. I feee like it is more of my home than the US is, because I have such a connection with the people there. I absolutely love the atmosphere! If you want an amazing experience that will change your life forever I would definitely recommend Nicaragua.
— Courtney, Tennessee